SELF-CONSUMPTION WITHOUT INVESTMENT We make the investment for you and you pay us by buying the energy we generate on your roof.

Start saving on your electric bill from day one

We offer the possibility to save money in your company without the need of investement.

Professionals at your service
since 2004.

Our TEAM Our team of professionals is made up of engineers, assemblers, and specialists in purchase of materials,
all of them prepared to advise you in each one of your doubts,
putting at your disposal the best applicable option to start saving on your electricity bill thanks to photovoltaic technology.

SERVICES All our products are of the highest quality, offering the best performance on the market and guaranteed durability.


PROAF-SOLAR is a different company, aimed at all those who want excellent professionalism, quality and price, whether companies or professionals dedicated to construction.

Our company is specialized in renewable energies, both in industrial self-consumption, isolated, solar pumping and investments in your company.

We also offer on the provinces of Valencia, Castellón and Albacete the possibilities of reducing the electricity bill WITHOUT any cost thanks to a past agreement with a group of Nordic investors

PROYECTS Some of our finaliced proyects.

Empresa transporte Suiza: 300kW
Instalación de Castellón: 900kW
Hospital de Gandia: 50kW
Champiñonera de Villamalea: 40kW

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